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Swyftx is bridging the services gap between traditional platforms like CMC Markets, IG & Pepperstone, to the world of crypto currency. Our founders and team are working flat stick every single day to add new features and solve pain points that they too face when navigating the industry in its current state.

AUD Deposits & Withdrawals

Deposit and Withdraw AUD via BPAY and trade over 70+ assets against fiat pairs all in the one place.

Instant Verification

Verify your account in under 2 mins with no need for uploads or selfies. You’ll need an email, mobile phone and ID document number.

Trading View Charts

Chart up your favourite assets, with awesome tools and technical indicators provided by TradingView.


Stop, Limit, Market Orders

Never miss a trade or get caught out by crypto market volatility. Set Buys & Sells to trigger at any price you want.

Referral Program

Refer your friends to start saving on Swyftx thanks to low fees and spreads. We’ll reward you with 20% of their trade fees for life!

Portfolio Tracking

Keep track of your entire portfolio value in a realisable value and view what percentage you hold of each asset.

Mobile Web App

Trade wherever you want whenever you want. Swyftx supports Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, OS X, and pretty much anything that can load up a website with no compromises.

2FA & Breached Passwords

Easily secure your account with multi-factor authentication. Swyftx also monitors other sites for data breaches that might result in compromises on your account.

Combined Orderbooks

Swyftx automatically optimises your orders between exchanges and order books to help deliver the best prices & liquidity. Quickly trade with billions in liquidity all in one place.

Live Chat Support

With average response times of less than 2 minutes within Australian business hours you can expect quick and prompt answers to any questions you might have.

Real-Time Price Feed

Prices for all your favourite assets will be updated in realtime right before your eyes. You’ll always get the best price with Swyftx market orders as they are re-calculated based on your order size.

Documented REST API

The fully documented REST API (hosted by Apiary) can be found here. What you see there is the exact same API Swyftx uses to deliver its UI. If we can do it, you can do it.

Simplify your trading

The All-In-One Solution You’ve Been Waiting For

Crypto asset markets are still young, and as a result are missing many tools, features and functionalities that your every day trader and invester should have access to. We’re on a mission to bring you an all in one solution to enable you to focus on your trading and investment rather than what programs to use, which exchanges to trade on and where on earth your funds are.


iOS, Android, Windows, OS X & Linux

The Swyftx platform has been designed for traders and investors on the go or working from a desk. Get access to the full features we have to offer regardless of where you are or what you’re doing. Best of all, it looks great and feeds into real time prices, so no refreshing your screen every 30 seconds.


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