Part 3: More Assets & Pairs

Many traders and investors regularly struggle with managing their account balances between different exchanges, either that, or they limit themselves to the crypto-assets available on their preferred exchange. It can become very difficult keeping track of profits and losses, as well as what balances are available to trade and where. Services like Coinigy have attempted to help remedy this issue, however, still fall victim to manual movement of balances, and confusion on trading pairs, meaning missed opportunities and headaches.

Through the corporate partnerships that Swyftx has formed, it is able to bring together assets that trade on different exchanges into one simple unified trading platform. Not only that, but Swyftx manages account balances behind the scenes for you, meaning you can trade any asset for any amount any time.

A unique advantage that Swyftx can offer through its brokerage is the ability to trade any of the listed assets (30+) against any of the listed base pairs (USD + BTC) without suffering any liquidity losses. At the time of writing that amounts to over 60 tradable pairs. This isn’t feasible on an exchange because every pair E.g. BTC/NEO or USD/NEO, has its own order book, which means less and less liquidity for each asset for each pair that is introduced. Having the ability to trade all assets against USD (with the same liquidity) is a great way to help manage risk and unify trades.

In Part 4 we’ll look at how brokers are able to deliver advanced trading tools and help you become a better trader.

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Why crypto brokers (Swyftx) can be better than exchanges? In this 4 part series we address several aspects of exchanges and brokers to see why crypto brokers can be better than exchanges if done right! It is especially noticeable in the Australian crypto community...

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