Part 4: All In One

To be a successful trader you need easy to use, reliable and accessible tools at your finger tips. It is common knowledge that professional traders and investors should always put high importance on managing risk. These tools and risk management strategies can be difficult to manage as no two exchanges have the same interfaces and hardly any have easily accessible risk management capabilities.

Swyftx simplifies the trading experience and UI into one platform with support for Stop, Limit and Market orders at launch. This means easy risk management and faster order execution. Additional order types like OCO combined with position management are just around the corner. The Swyftx Trading View charts offer a wide range of timeframes and are available on every asset for both USD and BTC pairs.

Balances are available to be viewed and tracked in USD or Bitcoin and will soon be available with Blockfolioesk reporting and tracking, embedded directly in your trading screen.

Support for fiat deposits and withdrawals within the platform means less accounts, faster deposits, less fees and easier to track. Swyftx generates tax invoices and statements for tax purposes automatically and all in one place.

If you want to trade like a professional, manage risk, simplify your processes, trade/deposit/withdraw on one platform and save on fees/spreads then you need an account with Swyftx.

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