Mithril (MITH) partners with (ETHOS) to deliver an official wallet for its decentralised Social Media Network

Mithril is a social media platform powered by block chain that focusses on rewarding content creators and has partnered with ETHOS officially announcing it as the official cryptocurrency wallet.

IIn the announcement, Mithril team stated that:
“We firmly believe that collaborating with Ethos will effectively enhance MITH circulation on the market while providing a secure and convenient option for users to obtain MITH.”

ETHOS has announced several other partnerships after it recently launched ins Universal Wallet for Android and iOS in the last few weeks.

It was announced shortly before that a collaboration was underway with Voyager, a crypto startup backed by an Uber co-founder. The company provides institutional and retail investors with a platform for trading digital currencies, and is looking to integrate the fiat gateway component into the ETHOS app.

Mithril rewards its content creators through what it calls “Social Mining”. The more successful and impactful a piece of content is the more value it is perceived to have. This value is paid out in the form of MITH coin and can be used to generate an income.

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