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Swyftx has ~4x lower spreads and ~2x cheaper trading fees when you buy Holochain, than our closest competitors.


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What is Holochain?

Holochain has built its very own blockchain network, enabling developers to quickly build, host and deploy applications in a decentralised nature. The Holochain project provides open source Javascript and Lisp API’s to make building these apps quicker and easier. They are hosted by the network of users and scale automatically. The more users, the more capable the applications can scale.

Governance & Compliance, social media and networks, sharing economy and supply chains are just some of the ways that existing Holochain apps are helping today. People using Holochain can own their own data, control their identity, connect only with applications that suite their individual needs, transact without centralised systems or middle men and benefit form faster, lighter and cheaper applications.

How do I buy Holochain?

To buy Holochain, log into the Swyftx crypto exchange, enter an amount of Holochain you want to buy, or the amount of Australian dollars you want to sell. If you’re happy with the price, tap the ‘Buy Holochain‘ button to complete your Holochain purchase. You can deposit AUD via BPAY, OSKO, PayID, POLi Pay, or Bank Transfer as your payment method to instantly purchase Holochain and other digital currencies, including ‘alt coins’. Once the transfer is processed, your account balance can be used to buy Holochain which will be available in your Swyftx hosted online Holochain wallet immediately. Many altcoin wallets are also available in case you want to buy crypto.

You can deposit or withdraw your Holochain or other digital currencies from your private online Swyftx wallet at any time. Sign up for your own Holochain exchange trading profile and start buying or selling Holochain by creating a free account now.

How do we determine the price of Holochain?

The price of Holochain listed for trading on the Swyftx crypto exchange is set by real world trade volumes averaged on global exchanges, so our Holochain price won’t fluctuate as heavily as you might see on our competitors sites. Holochain prices are influenced by the supply and demand from buyers and sellers through out the world.

The current price of Holochain is set at the price of the last trade that took place, meaning the latest price a buyer and seller agreed to exchange at. Swyftx doesn’t charge any artificial spread on Holochain nor does it “make the market” when you buy Holochain. This means you can trade as little or as much Holochain as you like and know that you’ll always get the best prices with the lowest fees on our Holochain Exchange.

Holochain In Minutes

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