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Lowest Fees

Swyftx has ~4x lower spreads and ~2x cheaper trading fees when you buy Aion, than our closest competitors.

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Enjoy instant online verification without uploading documents. Deposit Bitcoin to begin trading in under two minutes!

Secure Accounts

Breached password detection and Two Factor Authentication help protect your account from scammers.

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a peer-to-peer, open-source digital currency. It was invented in 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto. Bitcoin is stored in a wallet. As of May 2020, over 30 million Bitcoin wallet addresses held an actual balance, which was up roughly 20% from the year earlier. Bitcoin operates without a centralized authority such as a governmental or centralized bank. The validation of new Bitcoin transactions is confirmed by the network miners. About 70% of Bitcoin mining power is controlled by China.

Bitcoin in and of itself is an international force to be reckoned with. Not only is the market cap billions upon billions of dollars, but the entire industry is able to capitalize off of the rush. This is similar to the way gold mining companies and shovel providers capitalized off of gold. Proprietary companies (pty ltd) specialize in all different types of subindustries within Bitcoin. One company might specialize as an exchange, another pty ltd creates revenue by marketing.

If you want a BTC trading account that is secure and worth your money, register for an account with Swyftx and start trading today.

How do I buy Bitcoin: Australia Edition

In order to purchase Bitcoin, first you must register for an account on Swyftx > Next, log in to your account on the Swyftx crypto exchange, then you can enter an amount of Bitcoin you want to buy > Alternatively, you may enter the amount of Australian dollars you want to sell> When the price is desirable, select the ‘Buy Bitcoin‘ button to finish your Bitcoin purchase > You can deposit AUD by selecting PayID, POLi Pay, or bank transfer as your payment method to instantly purchase Bitcoin & other cryptocurrencies.

Our platform currently has an AUD cash deposit option. Once the transfer is processed, your account balance can be used to buy Bitcoin, which will be available in your Swyftx hosted online Bitcoin wallet immediately. The account balance will be updated in real-time, so as soon as you make your first trade, your account balance will reflect that.

You can deposit or withdraw your Bitcoin or other digital currencies from your private online Swyftx wallet at any time. Sign up for your own Bitcoin exchange trading profile and start buying or selling Bitcoin by creating a free account now. To get started and find more information, register for our platform today.

Bitcoin in minutes!

Swftyx determines the price of Bitcoin using several methods. The price of Bitcoin listed for trading on the Swyftx crypto exchange is set by real-world trade volumes averaged on global exchanges. That said, the price won’t fluctuate as heavily as you might see on our competitors’ sites. The price of Bitcoin is heavily anchored to the supply & demand from buyers and sellers all over the globe. Those that buy and sell cryptocurrency in one corner of the world can be responsible for the price of BTC in another part of the world. However, most often, we deliver the Bitcoin price in Australian dollars since we understand its price much more easily when using our native currency.

Buy Bitcoin on Swyftx and receive the Bitcoin immediately in your account wallet. It’s super easy and super fast to get BTC with Swyftx, and also very secure. Bitcoin price (AUD) will fluctuate but Swyftx delivers the most up to date prices. Transactions can take as little as an hour or less, but the speed may vary depending on how congested the network is. Once you sign up with some simple information like your email address, you can start buying BTC very soon. Then once you’re satisfied and would like to withdraw your money, you can convert Bitcoin into AUD in seconds.

Once you begin buying Bitcoin in Australia, you will have more exposure to the emerging financial trend of digital currency. Buying BTC is a great way to store your money and hedge against potential downturns in the future.

Bitcoin in minutes!

Buy Bitcoin on Swyftx and we immediately make the Bitcoin available in your wallet. It’s super easy and super fast!

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